Demetrios Hadjinicolaou

EFL teacher, project co-ordinator, translator/interpreter, researcher, author

Thank you for visiting this website. I hope you will find the information you have been seeking.  Let me introduce myself first - please, see below.  \  Καλῶς ὁρίσατε!






Curriculum Vitae

I was born on 9th November 1975 in Beroea, Macedonia proper, Greece, where I received my general education. Shortly after finishing Secondary School, I was admitted to the School of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessalonica (1993), Greece. During my studies, I gave private lessons to participants in English examinations such as the ones for the First Certificate in English and the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) held by the then UCLES (University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate). In parallel, I have been a Sunday school teacher to teenagers at the Holy Metropolis of Beroea, three times a group leader and once the chief of the Orthodox Christian summer camp situated on Bermion Mount. Since 1993 I have been a contributor to the ELT (English Language Teaching) News, an Athens-based monthly journal, too. I graduated from university in July 1997, my general mark being 7.73 (grade very good).

I was mobilised to the Hellenic Army in January 1998 and proudly completed my 18-month compulsory military service in July 1999.

Since my demobilisation, I have worked as a teacher of English in both private and state schools teaching adults and minors alike in Paramythia, Cosane, Siatista, Naoussa and Beroea. From 2002 to 2015, before the Court of Audit intervened with proposterous, bureaucratic demands still unresolved by the Minister for Education, I was an oral examiner at the English Language Exams (KPg) organised by the Hellenic Ministry for Education. From 2005 to 2008 I was detached to the Department of Technology Management, which was then based in the town of Naoussa, University of Macedonia, Greece, teaching English for Academic/Specific Purposes (EAP/ESP). In August 2013 I was transferred from secondary education to primary education.  

Currently, my posts as a teacher are at Rhizomata Primary School and the Primary School of Xechasmene - Cephalochorion, in the regional unit of Emathia, Macedonia, Northern Greece. Besides, I have translated certain articles from journals along with short stories from English into Greek and vice versa. By the way, I am highly interested in effective TEFL (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) through the use of modern means like satellite TV, video, drama, film subtitling, computing etc. See, for example, video-recorded skits mounted when I was in Beroea Vocational Lyceum and with my 6th-form pupils from Rhizomata Primary School at the 2016 Spring Festival. Also, I have often delved into translation of special texts on various subjects, such as architecture, for instance.

After all, my special kind of personality, consisting of juvenility combined with maturity, has enabled me to empathise with both young or adolescent learners and peers/adults. Added to that, I tend to be humorous and easy-going; as a result, I am usually on good terms with my pupils. Finally, I am admittedly hard-working and most accommodating. In particular, I am distinctly apt at conceiving new, efficient ideas with regard to the business sector whereas I have an inclination to deal with public relations.

I am seeking to participate in an Erasmus+ KA1 (Key Action 1) programme (former Comenius), involving pupils' exchange.  Rhizomata Primary School is situated near my home city, Bereoa, which is in turn close to the port city of Thessalonica.  Therefore, it would be convenient for our guests to reach us.

Finally, I need not emphasise that I am against ALL anti-Christian, anti-freedom measures taken by satanic governments and #Mengkele-like "doctors" at the pretext of the corona virus flu and the pseudo-pandemic, including lockdowns, distance teaching, the unhygienic, antipaedagogical muzzles-facemasks, ALL dangerous pseudo-vaccines that supposedly combat covid(iot) - 19, etc.._